You Are Ugly Comebacks for Teenagers


Last updated on February 13th, 2019 at 11:43 am

You are ugly comebacks

List of useful quotes for teenagers to use as short and snappy You Are Ugly comebacks.

Humorous You Are Ugly comebacks

  • I’m sorry you can’t be me, I’m one of a kind.
  • Thanks, I was trying to look more like you today.
  • Hey, thanks, that’s a compliment!
  • Takes one to know one!
  • You do know that my face is a mirror, right?
  • I feel so sorry for you, if I’m ugly, you’re butt ugly!
  • At least the mirror didn’t break when I looked at it this morning.
  • At least I don’t have a butt face!
  • Awww, thanks, you’re so kind.
  • So is your mom…

Blase You Are Ugly comebacks

  • This upsets me how?
  • Did I ask?
  • Sigh, is that all you’ve got?
  • Thanks, I try just for you.
  • Look who’s talking!
  • Who cares?
  • I don’t remember asking you.
  • You are such a troll.

Other You Are Ugly comebacks

  • I don’t remember asking you for your opinion!
  • Back at cha’
  • And I thought you were cute!
  • That’s not what your boyfriend/girlfriend said last nite

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