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You Are Ugly Comebacks for Teenagers

July 13, 2013

You are ugly comebacks

List of useful quotes for teenagers to use as short and snappy You Are Ugly comebacks.

Humorous You Are Ugly comebacks

  • I’m sorry you can’t be me, I’m one of a kind.
  • Thanks, I was trying to look more like you today.
  • Hey, thanks, that’s a compliment!
  • Takes one to know one!
  • You do know that my face is a mirror, right?
  • I feel so sorry for you, if I’m ugly, you’re butt ugly!
  • At least the mirror didn’t break when I looked at it this morning.
  • At least I don’t have a butt face!
  • Awww, thanks, you’re so kind.
  • So is your mom…

Blase You Are Ugly comebacks

  • This upsets me how?
  • Did I ask?
  • Sigh, is that all you’ve got?
  • Thanks, I try just for you.
  • Look who’s talking!
  • Who cares?
  • I don’t remember asking you.
  • You are such a troll.

Other You Are Ugly comebacks

  • I don’t remember asking you for your opinion!
  • Back at cha’
  • And I thought you were cute!
  • That’s not what your boyfriend/girlfriend said last nite