Writing Opportunities for Teenage Writers


Last updated on February 18th, 2019 at 02:51 pm

Getting writing opportunities for teenage writers

Writing is a competitive market. It has become even more competitive on the advent of the world wide web allowing for aspiring authors and writers to express themselves on blogs, websites, writing platforms and writing communities.

For teenage writers who are starting out and who are seriously considering writing as a career, good writing opportunities are not easy to come by. Major publishers are sent hundreds of stories each day from aspiring teenage writers.

Various writing platforms for teenage writers

Look for opportunities close to home. They include school magazines, school newsletters and local community newspapers. You can volunteer or get an internship at your local newspapers. These opportunities will not earn you an income, but will give you exposure to what publishers are looking for. You will also get to build a portfolio of work to show a publisher or if you are looking for freelance writing opportunities.

Apart from local opportunities, some online writing opportunities are appropriate. They include creating your own blog, joining online writing community for teenage writers and writing as a guest author or writer for blogs and websites.

Getting paid as a teenage writer

When you have enough experience as a writer, you can look for paid writing opportunities such as becoming a freelance writer for a regional or major newspaper or magazine or through online websites that offer writing assignments to teenage writers. The freelance market is very competitive and without a portfolio of work, it may be hard for you to secure assignments.

Caution: there are many websites on the internet that offer a platform for you to publish your work or that say that they can publish and sell for you. They may request for payment at a later date or for payment after publishing a ‘collection of work’ which includes your work. You need to read carefully the fine print and query their reputation in the online writing community BEFORE signing up with them.

Writing competitions

You may also consider entering into writing competitions as a way to get noticed and recognition. There is that prize money to consider too!

Caution: Protect yourself against unscrupulous organizations demanding a high fee to enter into a competition.

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