When Depression Turns To Cutting


Last updated on July 8th, 2019 at 07:58 pm

Many teens experience depression and don’t know how to handle it other than cutting themselves. Friends and family should immediately recognize the sign of a cutter and get them help right away.


Borderline syndrom: The results of cutting yourself

Many teenagers go through very confusing times during their adolescent years, and while many parents may see their teenagers going through normal, simple problems, teens may see these problems differently. The stress endured by teens could lead to thoughts of suicide. Self mutilation or being a borderline / cutter is one of the signs that suicide could be imminent for a depressed teen. Action should be taken immediately with a borderline / cutter so that they don’t harm themselves.

Immediate action is needed with a borderline / cutter because their mind is not in a rational state. They have already started cutting themselves, and if gone unnoticed, suicide could be the next step. A professional counselor or therapist can determine whether or not the teen is suffering from severe long term depression or suffering from a short term crises where they simply don’t have the skills to cope. Medication and/or coping skills could be all a teen needs to help them through their tough times.

There are many reasons why teens may want to cut themselves. One reason is that it gives them power and control over something. Cutting themselves is one thing teens can control when they feel out of control with the rest of their lives. It could also be a cry for help or for getting attention, and they feel there is no other way to ask.

Friends and family can help a borderline / cutter by first recognizing the signs of a borderline / cutter. If there are noticeable wounds on the body, then this could be a sign of a problem. If the borderline / cutter doesn’t attempt to conceal or hide these wounds, then this could be a cry for help. Friends and family should then take action immediately when seeing any signs of self mutilation by seeking professional help for the troubled teen.

Whatever the reasons, a borderline / cutter is not in a rationale state of mind, and friends and family should be ready to help before it goes too far.

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