Troubled Teens Self Help Activities


Last updated on February 7th, 2019 at 06:56 pm

Self help activities for troubled teens – an overview

The activities suggested on this page are positive and wholesome activities for troubled teens which may be implemented as part of a holistic treatment regime if necessary. They represent general teen activities that are suitable for all teenagers. Apart from these activities, troubled teens may benefit from other therapeutic activities and events such as confidence building camps.

Physical activities

  • Walking
    • Walking is beneficial to troubled teens who may have anxiety and stress issues or have teen depression or some other form of behavior or mental disorder, including an eating disorder.
  • Exercise
    • Exercising increases endorphin levels in the brain. This induces a more positive mood for the troubled teenager.
  • Sports
    • Playing sports is a cost-effective way of keeping troubled teens active, busy and motivated. It also allows the troubled teen to redirect his or her energy on something more positive.
    • Team sports is particularly beneficial to troubled teens as they may gain close friendships and a sense of camaraderie or mateship from belonging to a team.

Arts and culture activities

  • Art
    • Enrol troubled teens in an art program, especially if the teen enjoys such activities.
    • Art does not include only painting or drawing classes, but also pottery, clay, ceramics, interactive art, digital art, film making, animation and all types of art forms, depending on the teen’s interest.
  • Music band
    • An alternative activity for troubled teens who enjoy music.

Home activities

Chores are an ideal way to create a sense of accomplishment in troubled teenagers. Chores should be easy to begin with. More difficult activities may be created or proposed once the teen is performing regular tasks within the household.

Community based activities

Volunteering with charities and community organizations – any charities and community based organizations allow youth volunteers to participate in their community programs. Other organizations that may be approached include hospitals and public libraries.

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