Teenage Pregnancy: What To Do If You Think You Are Pregnant


Last updated on May 27th, 2019 at 06:10 am

Teenage pregnancy – first steps If you think that you could be pregnant, stay calm and don’t panic. Here are some steps you could follow if you suspect a teenage pregnancy.

If you are a pregnant teenager, or a parent of a pregnant teenager you should find out all about the teenage pregnancy, your options, risks and how can be a teenage mother if you have to. If you are a teenager, you should learn how to prevent teenage pregnancies to avoid complications in your life.

A teenage pregnancy is most often because of the lack of knowledge to avoid one. Since teens try to explore sex, somewhat more than they should, they can often end up getting pregnant or making someone pregnant. Pregnancy results in giving birth to a child who is yours for ever – and all mothers know that this is a big responsibility. If you are a kid yourself, would you like to burden yourself at this age to be a mother. Its not a good idea, so the best option is to avoid teenage pregnancy.

If you have already become pregnant, the chances are you might be somewhat late in your pregnancy already. Even though it might sound impossible or too embarrassing, your best option is to talk to your parents. The parents know you more than you do yourself. They are the best ones who can understand you and they will. You are right to assume that the news of their daughter having a teenage pregnancy is not going to be pleasant, but that would be only for the first few hours. If you do not tell them, it would be unpleasant to yours and your baby’s health and life, the effects of which can last for your entire life. Therefore, just calm down yourself and have a word with both the parents or one parent who you might be more close to. You would soon find out the parents have a much softer heart for their kids than the kids think!

A teenage pregnancy can take a toll on the teenagers health. Since all the body organs are not fully developed yet, it may also not be possible to go full term and give the birth to the baby. The doctor would be the best person to decide the chances of a successful pregnancy in case that is the only option left for you.

Abortion is not preferred by many people whereas many also believe that it is better to terminate an unwanted pregnancy early in its stage than to give birth to a child who may not have a healthy life in the future. The teenagers are not good parents because of lack of full development of the their own body, a lack of income to sustain a family, and even understanding the complexities of having and living with a baby of their own.

Not getting into a teenage pregnancy is not a responsibility of the girl only but the boy is equally responsible too. If the girl is not aware who the father might be, the situation might become still complex.

How to avoid teenage pregnancy? In short – avoid having sex till you are an adult. There is nothing better than that. Otherwise, make sure to practice safe sex only.

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