Teen Writing: How to Become a Writer


Last updated on February 18th, 2019 at 03:08 pm

Starting out – how to become a writer?

It is easy to simply pick up a pen and start writing. After all, we do it everyday. It is a lot harder if you are planning to become a writer – a great writer.

‘How to become a writer’ is a question many aspiring writers and authors ask. Here are some tips and recommendations to help you.

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A love for writing is often preceded by a love for reading. Without reading, it is difficult to start composing good, quality poems or writing a exceptional romance epic without having read poetry or romance books.

Try reading a variety of books to compare writing styles of different authors. Understand why their books appeal to readers and analyse literary devices used in the stories.

Observe people more

Becoming aware of your surroundings is an important step to becoming a writer. Watch people, how they act and react in any given scenario. Write your observations down. Add your thoughts and feelings about your observations. These thoughts could be represented in a character you build for your story.

Observe surroundings more

Look at buildings, walkways, in the home, in the parks, in school and anywhere you may be. Note aged buildings, modern offices, overhead passes, trodden grass and so on. Look at your surroundings, what is above you, underfoot and beside you.

Write more

As the saying goes, ‘practice makes perfect’. The more you write and the more experience you get at writing, the easier it becomes to express yourself.

You can write anything. It would be easier to write about what you know or are familiar with. Even if you already have a genre in mind, you do not need to start writing stories immediately. You can write sentences and paragraphs using your observations, thoughts and feelings to express yourself. You can also write about personal events and family events or write poems or fan fiction to cover a wide range of writing techniqes.

Carry a notebook with you and get those thoughts  written down!

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Do some research and read the best examples of books for each genre. Copy the authors’ style of writing and use of literary devices. A writing resource for teenagers that has received plenty of positive reviews is the following which you can purchase from Amazon:

Writing Advice for Teens: Creating Stories

Author: Mike Kalmbach

Reviews: 4.6/5 stars from 19 reviews on Amazon

Writing Advice for Teens: Creating Stories

Share more

Sharing your stories with friends and family members gives you the opportunity to hear what others feel about the stories you have written. Did the stories invoke feelings in them that you wanted to invoke in a reader? Did they have trouble following your story plot or trouble understanding certain parts of your story? Ask for constructive criticisms.

Publish more

Look for opportunities to show off your work. There are plenty of places where you can publish your stories.

Enter writing contests

Search for writing contests to submit your stories to. Winning contests not only affirms your decision to become a writer, but allows you to be recognized as an up and coming aspiring young author.

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Finally, the most important step to becoming a good writer is to write well. Grammatical and spelling errors should be minimized. Ideally, writers should not be making any grammatical or spelling errors.

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