Teen Study Skills Handbook – A Guide for Teenagers, Parents and Educators


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Teen Study Skills Handbook

This handbook contains a guide on study skills for teenagers and youths. It also includes resources for parents and educators including checklists, tools and references. This handbook is suitable for reading by teens as a quick reference guide.


Study skills are the essential skills that relate to learning in school. In many ways, they are critical to the academic success of a student. However, this does not mean that a student that has not had the opportunity to actively learn specific skills in a formal program cannot do well in school. A lot of skills are developed naturally through the years at school mainly from hard won experiences, such as learning from sitting for exams, doing homework, sharing notes with peers and so on.

Study skills are nonetheless increasingly promoted because a student needs to be exposed to a variety of study techniques or approaches to studying in order to utilize such skills (e.g. mind mapping, concentration techniques and so on) and to learn effectively. Most schools engage an external vendor to teach study skills or implement a program internally.

Categories of study skills

Study skills are categorized into several types. The following provide an overview of categories plus some examples of skills that can be learnt or taught:

  1. organizational skills – folders, checklists etc
  2. concentration skills – focusing on key information in books, highlighting paragraphs
  3. memorizing skills – mind maps, rote learning, mnemonics
  4. note-taking skills – shorthand, margins on side, note reviews
  5. time management skills – prioritizing activities or tasks
  6. exam techniques – prioritizing questions, dealing with multiple choice questions

This handbook contains a section on each skill outlined above.

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