Teen Study Skills Checklist for High School Students


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Checklist of study skills for teenage high school students

Complete this study skills checklist (or ask your teen to complete it) to identify problems or issues which you or your teen may encounter while studying. If you find yourself or if your teen finds himself answering yes to any of the questions below, read the rest of the sections in this Study Skills Guide to improve exam and assessment study skills.

Study skills checklist

  • Concentration:
    • I study with the radio or TV turned on.
    • I find that I am often tired or distracted in class.
    • I can’t seem to sit down to focus on my studies.
  • Memory:
    • I don’t seem to remember what I’ve read immediately after reading the chapter of a textbook.
    • I don’t have any questions about the chapter after reading it.
    • I usually read the chapter only once.
    • I don’t know what is important in the chapter or which parts to focus on.
  • Time management:
    • I find that I seem to be spending too much time studying for the marks I am getting.
    • I find myself cramming the night before an exam.
    • My social life seems to be interfering with my study time and I don’t know how to fix it.
  • Taking notes:
    • I don’t look at my class notes.
    • My class notes are too messy or are difficult to understand.
    • I find that my class notes are not good enough for me to rely on.
    • I seem to take down notes wrongly.
  • Organization:
    • I don’t have any routines for studying.
    • I find that I study in a really haphazard way.
    • I find myself trying to get my notes in order for the exam.
    • I feel so overwhelmed by what I need to study or what assessments I need to do.
  • Exam technique:
    • I find myself losing a lot of marks in my exam answers even when I know the material well.
    • I cannot remember anything when I am in the exam (my mind goes blank).

Improving study skills

Ways to improve study skills:

(a) Concentration – read Improving Concentration

(b) Memory – read the Improving Memory

(c) Time management – read Time Management Skills

(d) Taking notes – read Note Taking Skills

(e) Organization – read Getting Organized

(f) Exam technique – read Exam Technique Skills

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