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Teen Career Planning: Step 2 Reviewing Career Options

November 5, 2015

Reviewing career options and learning about careers

The next step of the career planning process for teens is to identify careers that will interest them and will focus on their strengths. The first step was focused on teens getting to know themselves.

Younger teens (around ages 11 to 13) are easily influenced by friends and peers and may decide on “popular” careers. Encourage young teens to learn more about the features of various types of jobs.

Many teens around the ages 14 to 16 believe that their measurable abilities and tend to only participate in activities that they do well. Such teens may be inclined to consider only careers that showcase or are related to such abilities. While these careers may be eminently suitable for the teen, encourage the teen to consider his or her transferable skills (e.g. interpersonal skills, teamwork skills) that are required in many other types of jobs. For teens where school is not as rewarding , encourage such teens to keep their options open by focusing on their studies to improve academic performance. A good work ethic in school represents a good work ethic in the teen’s career.

Late teens should be encouraged to pursue their interests and explore opportunities through volunteering and by seeking more information on careers of interest. Late teens should also be encouraged to focus on their studies and if the teen is keen to experiment by changing subjects or programs, allow the teen to do as it is a normal part of a person’s career planning pathway.

Research careers

Some options for researching and gaining more information on careers and jobs:

  • read up on features and aspects of careers of interest;
  • volunteer or seek apprenticeship or internship in the industry or field of interest;
  • take up a subject that relates to the industry or field of interest;
  • talk to adults already in the industry or field of interest to find out more about the daily responsibilities and duties of the adult.

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