Support for Depression and Preventing Teen Depression


Last updated on February 7th, 2019 at 06:56 pm

Providing support for depression in teenagers

Some steps to take to support a teen with clinical depression:

  • stick to the teen depression treatment plan.
  • ensure that all appointments with mental health care providers, school counselors and any other appointments required in the treatment plan are kept.
  • make sure that anti-depressants are taken by the teen if the teen is prescribed with some.
  • educate the teen on depression, symptoms of depression and prevention steps.
  • encourage communication with the teen as part of a valued member of the family.
  • be gentle and persistent in encouraging the teen to open up and validate feelings.
  • avoid the blame game.
  • pay attention to the warning signs of depression in teenagers.
  • encourage the teen to adopt healthy habits and to use some stress management techniques.

Preventing teen depression

There is no definite way to prevent depression in a teenager. Some strategies may help:

Resource recommendations

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