Proverbs and Sayings from around the World


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Foreign proverbs and sayings from the old

These proverbs and sayings are from from foreign cultures and languages, and are based on metaphors. The original language of the proverb is written in parentheses beside each proverb or saying.

“Look at his face and do not ask about his circumstances” (Persian) “Suspicion makes cables out of spiders’ webs” (German) “Never try to prove what nobody doubts” (Arabic)
“Sooner or later, the strong need the help of the weak” (French) “Rumor acquires strength in her progress” (Latin) “Fallen blossoms leave their perfume behind” (Japanese)
“The dawn does not come twice to awaken a man” (Arabic) “No dispute is possible without an adversary” (Japanese)
“He who sows thorns should not go barefooted” (Hindi)
“He who stumbles twice over the same stone is a fool” (Latin) “Only rogues feel the restraint of law” (German) “A good doctrine needs no miracle” (Japanese)
“Where water does not flow, it remains at the same level” (Chinese) “Envy eats nothing but its own heart” (German) “Make peace with men and quarrel with your sins” (Italian)

Quotes and sayings from history

“Paradise lies under the feet of mothers” (The Koran) “He who would eat the nut must crack the kernel” (Latin) “A small leak will sink a great ship” (German)
“Golden words open an iron door” (Turkish) 
“While it rains, fill the jar” (Latin) “Haste is the sister of repentance” (Moorish)
“Let him who gives say nothing and him who receives speak” (Portuguese)
“The sorrows of others are the consolation of fools” (Spanish) “All bad flesh smells alike” (Chinese)
“Four horses cannot overtake the tongue” (Confucius)
“If the first of the wine jar is dregs, what will its last be?” (Persian) “The best word is the word that remains to be spoken” (Spanish)
“The first part of the night, think of your own faults; then only should you think of the faults of others at the later part of the night” (Chinese)
“Haste is the sister of repentance” (Moorish) “No religion is without courage” (Arabic)

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