Prohibited and Restricted Jobs for Teenagers and Youths in US


Last updated on February 14th, 2019 at 11:09 am

Prohibited and restricted jobs for teenagers and youths in the US

Prohibited and banned jobs

Teenagers and youths below 18 are prohibited from working in these types of jobs and occupations:

  • coal mining and other mining jobs
  • making, manufacturing or storing explosives
  • any jobs that requires driving a motor vehicle or working as an outside helper on motor vehicles
  • any jobs that requires fighting forest fires or in any forest fire prevention occupation
  • any jobs in logging or the sawmilling industries
  • any jobs that require using power-driven machinery, hoisting apparatus and/or metal-forming, punching and shearing machines
  • any jobs that require using other types of power-driven machinery e.g. meat-processing machines, bakery machines, balers, compactors and/or driven paper product machines
  • any jobs that require exposure to radioactive substances and ionizing radiation
  • any jobs that require the use of saws or other power cutting tools e.g. guillotine shears, band saws, chain saws, wood chippers, cutting disc etc
  • wrecking, demolition and/or ship breaking operations jobs
  • any jobs requiring roofing work
  • any jobs requiring trenching or excavating work

Agricultural jobs

Age restrictions for teenagers and youths below 16 working in agricultural occupations

Teens and youths may work in non-hazardous agricultural jobs subject to the following restrictions:

  • Teenagers under 12 years old: allowed to work outside school hours in a small farm that is exempt from minimum wage provisions with parental consent
  • Teenagers between 12 and 13 years old: allowed to work outside school hours in a farm of any size with parental consent
  • Teenagers between 14 and 15 years old: allowed to work outside school hours in any agricultural job
  • Teenagers 16 and above: allowed to work in any farm job at any time but still subject to the general restrictions on working hours – see Employment Rights of Teenagers and Youths in US: Federal Laws.

Employees who are exempted from minimum wage laws

If you are a teenager or youth working in any one of the following occupations, your employer may be exempted from minimum wage laws:

  • jobs at seasonal amusement or recreational parks
  • jobs at small newspapers
  • jobs at fishing operations
  • jobs as newspaper delivery persons
  • jobs as casual babysitters
  • jobs as companions to elderly or infirm
  • jobs as farmworkers employed by anyone who used no more than 500 \’man-days\’ of farm labor in any quarter of the preceding year
  • jobs in executive, administrative or professional positions, and in certain computer-related occupations.

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