People Movers Activity: Getting to Know Each Other in a Fun Way


Last updated on February 16th, 2019 at 04:16 pm

Team Building Activities for Teenagers: People MoversTeam building activities for teenagers – People Movers

Main aim: To allow teenagers to get to know each other in a fun way

Name: People Movers

Type: Team building activities for teenagers

Players: Single players

Duration: 20 minutes

Materials: One chair for each player minus one

Preparation: Arrange chairs in a circle


  • Each participant sits on a chair except for one.
  • One participant stands in the middle of the circle.
  • The participant who is standing will start a sentence with “I like …” and names any item that he or she likes.
  • Examples of items could include “I like Pepsi”, “I like the color blue”, “I like people with earrings”, “I like basketball” and so on.
  • As soon as the one standing names that item, that participant and the rest who also like that item will need to stand up and grab a seat.
  • The one without the seat will have to come up with the next statement and choose the color.
  • Continue until the group loses interest in the game.
  • When the game ends, provide feedback and ask the participants for feedback.


The activity requires the following:

  • Cooperation among the participants when the one standing makes the statement. Participants learn to cooperate and join in the game.
  • Participants are able to know each other in a fun way and find common interests.
  • Communication among participants in listening and acting on the communication.

The main aim of the team building activity is to let the teenagers get to know each others’ likes and dislikes. It is also a good way to relax or end the day after a long session.

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