Overcoming The Fear of Failure For Teens


Last updated on July 8th, 2019 at 06:45 pm

The fear of failure is prevalent among teens. The adolescent years are already confusing enough, and many teens experience a very real fear of being rejected by their peers for attempting to take on daunting tasks and failing at them. This fear of failure has caused many teens to quit striving for the things they want to achieve in life, instead they would rather blend into the crowd.
Many teens must learn to overcome their fear of failure because many of life’s lessons are learned from failing. Michael Jordan, one of the best basketball players of all time, was cut from his high school basketball team the first time he tried out. Instead of giving into his fear of failure, he continued to practice harder than he had ever done. Needless to say, he tried out for the team again, and this time he made it, and the rest is history.

Albert Einstein, considered one of the smartest people in the world, did not learn how to read until he was the age of seven. If he did not overcome his fear of failure, he would not have gone on to do some of the great things he is known for, including winning the Nobel Peace Prize.

Teens must be willing to fail in order to become someone or do something great. The best advice to give to teenagers with a fear of failure is that time will heal all wounds. Many years from now their peers may not even remember the thing that they attempted and failed.

Some teens may want to do or achieve great things, but they have a hard time overcoming their fear of failure. In this case, a school guidance counselor, parent or other trusted adult may be able to help them through this fear. Life is too short to worry about the fear of failure, and the more that teens are able to overcome this fear, the more destined they are to doing great things.

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