Organization Skills for High School Students


Last updated on February 4th, 2019 at 04:57 pm

How high school students can develop organization skills

Developing organizational skills take time and practice. By using the following techniques, high school students can develop their organizational skills in a structured manner.

Scheduling and time management

Read our scheduling and time management skills section before moving on. The section provides helpful recommendations on time scheduling and being efficient.

Getting organized

Techniques to develop organization skills:

  • Use your study desk as your command center. All study notes, school newsletters, school notes, textbooks, exercise books, stationery and any other items and materials for studying and assignments should be managed through your study desk at home. DO NOT clutter your study desk with any other items.
  • Use a watch. A surprising number of people do not use watches nowadays and rely on their mobile devices to tell the time. Many high school students fall into this habit as well. Use a watch to manage your time more effectively.
  • Use a calendar. A calendar is vital for planning your daily and weekly schedule. All unexpected appointments and events should be recorded in the schedule with the help of the calendar.
  • Plan enough time for study. Your school should have given you some guidance on the number of hours you are required to study or to set aside for homework each day.
  • Get into the habit of studying at the same time each day. Developing a habit of studying at the same time daily prevents procrastination and allows for a positive approach to studying.
  • Plan daily, bi-weekly or weekly reviews and catch up sessions. Include them in your daily and weekly schedule.

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