Online Jobs for Teenagers: Guide to Getting Good Online Jobs


Last updated on February 14th, 2019 at 11:22 am

Online Jobs for TeenagersTeen’s guide to the most effective way to secure online jobs

Are there any good online jobs for teenagers out there? No doubt, most are scams. However, there are a number of ways that you can earn money online. The hardest part about online jobs is to pitch for a job and get one. This guide shows you how you can effectively secure jobs in a very competitive market.

Note: It will NOT be easy to get a good writing job. However, if you stick to it and build up a good portfolio for yourself, you will find it easier and easier to secure jobs as time goes by.

Where to find online jobs?

There are plenty of websites that offer freelance jobs online. These sites are useful for teen writers, designers and researchers. For example, jobs offered may include:

  • writing articles for websites
  • writing posts for forums
  • writing reviews
  • blogging for websites
  • research assignments
  • ghostwriting assignments
  • designing logos
  • designing websites
  • and more.

Among the more well-known sites for searching for freelance jobs include the following:

  • Assignments and contracts

    • Elance
    • Guru
    • O-desk
    • ScriptLance
    • OzLance
    • Freelance Writing
    • Get A Freelancer
    • CraigsList
    • Pro Blogger Job Board
  • Forum posting jobs

    • myLot
    • Forum Advantage
    • Forum Focus
    • Best Forum Posting
  • Review writing jobs

    • Best Reviewer
    • Epinions
    • Review Stream
    • Shvoong
    • and more.

Questions to ask yourself

When looking for online jobs for teenagers, you could be overwhelmed by what is out there.  Here are some questions you should ask yourself to help you in the decision-making process:

  • What is the purpose of getting a job? Just to earn money? Interested in a writing or designing career? If you are looking for a way to earn pocket money only, then it is a good idea to look for websites offering a wide range of assignments and contracts. You should know that some of the freelance websites require you to pay a fee to join.
  • Is it worthwhile for you? Perhaps you may be better off getting a regular part time job at your local grocery store. Of course, you will NOT KNOW till you try. However, remember that online writing jobs are DIFFICULT to get and you will be competing with many others who may already be well established. This means that in order to compete, you need to offer cheap services and you must spend time pitching for jobs. It may take 6 months to get a steady income and in the meantime, you may have to work very, very hard to establish a good portfolio for yourself.
  • Will it interfere in your studies? Unlike part time jobs where hours are fixed, online job hours vary from contract to contract, and from assignment to assignment, depending on what you are working on at the moment. You must remember that your studies and homework always come first.

Then there are further questions you need to ask when looking through websites that offer freelance services:

  • Is the website reputable?
  • What type of writing or design work do I do best? Writing reports vs blogging vs narratives and so on
  • Do I receive payment upfront for the work or do I get paid only when I complete it? Many of the big freelance websites offer escrow services, meaning that while you do not get paid upfront, the money for the job has already been paid by the client to the freelance website. The website will release the money to you on completion of the job.
  • Who keeps the copyright in the work I do? In most cases, the copyright belongs to the client who can use your work as the client sees fit.
  • Are you able to edit or modify your work after submission?

It is a good idea to ask your parents for help to select the best website for you to start out. 

Applying for jobs

When you apply for jobs, follow these rules:

  • Research the client. Find out the client’s industry, who they are and how reputable they are.
  • Do not bid too low. You will only set yourself up for a fail because you will find yourself working frustratingly hard for almost no returns.
  • Do not do anything illegal. If the client wants you to copy of someone else’s website, article or logo, DO NOT do it. Not only will you be plagiarizing or infringing on someone else’s hard work, you are helping the client succeed by using illegal means to do so.
  • Do not mention your age. You do not need to mention your age unless you are asked. Many clients will be biased and will try to employ you at a very, very low rate.
  • Clarify the job description. Always clarify with the client the exact description of the work the client wants for the money the client is willing to pay you.
  • Require funds to be deposited. If you have joined a site the provides escrow services, make sure that the client has deposited funds in escrow before you start your work. Otherwise, ask for at least a 50% deposit.
  • Read the contract very carefully. Your parents will need to sign the contract on your behalf as you are a minor. Ask your parents for help with the contract provisions.
  • Watch out for scope creep. When you get the job, be firm and do not allow your client to add on to your work unless the client is willing to pay you extra for it.
  • Deliver on time. You should always deliver on time. Do not use your youth as an excuse.

Other tips and advice

  • Do not get overexcited once you start earning money.
  • Do not let your job interfere with your studies. Even if you have decided to make a career out of writing or designing, you still need qualifications to launch your career.
  • Always keep your parents updated on what is happening with your jobs and work that you are doing.
  • Do not undersell your services. You may be more capable than many other writers or designers out there.
  • Do not get burned out and try too much at once. Your studies will suffer.

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