Most Common and Best Odd Jobs for Teenagers


Last updated on February 14th, 2019 at 12:47 pm

Unusual Jobs for TeenagersList of odd jobs for teenagers

Here are some of our favorite and easy jobs for teenagers. Some are interesting but not entirely common and others are common but competitive jobs!

1. Product tester – test or sample new products from perfumes to food items and other types of consumer goods. Watch out for age restrictions – some companies require you to be at least 16 or 18 years old before being eligible to become a tester. You may not earn any money as a product tester but you most likely get to keep the item.

2. Game tester – some gaming software businesses are keen to look for people to test out their games. You may get paid a small amount as a tester.

3. Busking – many teens busk in public places. Tips depend on how busy your location is and how well you play, sing or act!

4. Office jobs –  ask your parents, family friends, relatives and other people you know for odd jobs in the office.

5. Window cleaning – check out the classifieds for window cleaning jobs. A teen can easily do this but watch out for companies and businesses who do not follow occupational health and safety laws and window cleaning regulations.

6. Lawn mowing and other yard work – lawn mowing and yard work are great jobs for teens. You can start from as young as 12 but check your state’s laws and regulations before applying for a job.

7. Gaming instructor – game companies are on the lookout for players that do well in their games. Some even pay you to teach others about the game!

8. Car wash assistant – car wash jobs are a good way to start earning money as a teen.

9. Personal shopper or personal assistant – some charities or non-profit organizations pay an allowance to teens who help with shopping and caring for the elderly or the invalid.

10. Errands boy – another common odd job is to become an errands boy running errands for neighbors and local businesses.

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