Ice Breaker Activities for Teenagers: Meet and Greet


Last updated on February 13th, 2019 at 04:41 pm

Ice breaker activities for teenagers – Meet and Greet

Main aim: To encourage teenagers to communicate with one another and be observant

Name: Meet and Greet

Type: Ice breaker activities for teenagers

Players: single players, minimum 4-5 persons (ideally 10 or more)

Duration: 30-45 minutes

Materials: Name tags for each participant and a bell

Preparation: None


  • Each participant should have a name tag pinned on the participant’s clothing before the activity.
  • Arrange all participants in a circle.
  • Say to the participants “Each one of you has 1 minute to talk to one person and ask them about their hobbies and interests. When I ring the bell, you must move to the next person on so on until you finish talking to everyone. You must try your hardest to remember the name of each person you talk to and at least one hobby or interest of that person“.
  • Give the participants time to meet everyone else.
  • Pick one participant to describe the hobby of a person in the room, and the others must name the person with that hobby correctly.
  • Each participant should take turns describing a hobby, with the rest naming the person until everyone has taken his or her turn.
  • When the activity ends, provide feedback and ask the participants for feedback.


The activity encourages each participant to :

  • Meet and greet the rest of the group in a fun way.
  • Actively remember the others and their hobbies and interests.
  • Be observant and listen to what others are saying.

The main aim of this ice breaker activity is to allow each person participating to get to know the rest of the group and to ensure that each one focuses on the activity at hand.

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