Inspirational Love Quotes for Teenage Bonding Across the Miles


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Long distance bonding inspirational love quotes for teenagers

Love quotes for teenagers in long distance relationships and for bonding across the miles. All quotes have been taken from the Judith Wibberley collection, ‘Just the Right Words‘.

“Whilst I’m away, remember that I love you, say goodnight at our special hour and know you are always in my heart” “Though the miles may keep us apart, you will always be there in my heart. Missing you more than words can say, and waiting for that special day, when we are together once more.” “Just to say.. of all the friends who have passed by, you will always be “special”, may good fortune follow you always as you journey on in life.”
“I miss you so I must confess. Whilst you are far away, So hurry home to me again, I’m counting every day.” “As you travel the world to experience life and to look at what man has achieved in the world, take time to marvel at the beauty and wonderment of nature that God created for us all to enjoy.”
“Dwell not upon the sadness of yesterday, but rather look forward to the promise of a new tomorrow. Seek out new adventures, gather new acquaintances around you and feel God’s love.”
“Standing on a sandy shore looking out to sea. Each wave that breaks beneath my feet, brings back your memory. May God protect you on your travels and bring you safe back home to me.” “Sending you love and joy and missing you more than mere words could ever say. For though the miles may keep us apart, you are always closest to my heart. I pray each day for God to keep harm from your door and count the days until I see you once more.”
“Sending lots of heartfelt wishes, so far across the sea. With millions of kisses, to you with love from me. You’re a friend who is special, in every kind of way.”
“There’s not much to tell you, nothing to say, except that I love you more every day. Although we are parted by so many miles, We capture in letters our sorrows and smiles. We share something special, a love that won’t end, A closeness ofspirits known only to friends.” “May good luck and good fortune find you now and stay with you throughout life’s journey and may happiness be your companion. I will miss you.” “You are never far though miles away, From my loving thoughts each single day. Remembered in smiles and things we do, Parted by miles but close at heart are you.”

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