Indoor Activities for Teenagers – Team Fishbowl Game


Last updated on February 26th, 2019 at 10:27 am

Description: Guess the phrase or word using clues contained in a glass bowl

Main aim: Activity suitable for a variety of purposes including as a team building or ice breaker activity. It can be played in any indoor setting such as in a classroom or assembly hall or at a retreat or camp

Name: Team Fishbowl Game

Type: Indoor activities for teenagers

Participants: Small teams of 3-4 in a group

Duration: 1 hour


  • Paper and pen for each team
  • Permanent marker and placard for team names
  • A container or glass bowl
  • Stop watch


  • Decide on a theme for the game. Theme can be anything relevant to the group or occasion e.g. school based theme, holiday theme, reflection theme etc.
  • Group chairs and a table for each team or clear a space for the teams to sit on the floor.


Team Fishbowl Game
  1. Ask the team to come up with a name for their team e.g. Red Rover team, Hunchback team etc.
  2. Each team should write their team name on a placard and place it on the table or floor (if they’re sitting on the floor) in front of them.
  3. The container or “fish bowl” is placed on a table in the middle.
  4. A team is selected to think of a phrase or word that relates to the chosen theme.
  5. That team writes 3 clues down on paper and fills the fish bowl with those clues.
  6. The teacher or organizer takes the clues and reads them out loud and gives the other teams 60 seconds to discuss among their own team members what the word or phrase could be.
  7. The teacher or organizer asks all the other teams to be ready and starts the count down – 3 minutes for guessing the word or phrase.
  8. All the other teams start guessing out loud their answers, with the team that wrote the clues down shaking or nodding their heads at each guess only. They should not speak or give any hints at all.
  9. If the 3 minutes are up and no one has guessed the word or phrase, the team writing the clues can give one more obvious clue to the other teams.
  10. The timer is started again for another 60 seconds and the first team that guesses the word or phrase wins points.
  11. The game is played until each team has taken a turn at choosing the word or phrase.
  12. At the end of the game, the teacher or organizer can ask for feedback on the activity.


The activity encourages individuals to :

  • work in a group; and
  • get to know each other in an enjoyable and friendly way.

The game also enhances critical thinking and can be a way of building rapport and developing communication skills.

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