Improving Note Taking Skills for High School Students


Last updated on February 4th, 2019 at 04:57 pm

How to improve note taking study skills?

High school students need excellent note taking study skills for assignments and exams. Taking good notes require focus and concentration. If this is a problem for you or your teen, this issue needs to be resolved first.

Use this guide as a way to improve note taking study skills.

Be prepared

Make sure you have a good pen that works with you. If you need a pencil, have one that is sharpened ready along with an eraser. High school students usually have exercise books assigned to each subject for taking notes. If there is none assigned, make one for each subject.

Create a right hand margin

The Virginia Tech Cook Counseling Center has a fantastic recommendation of creating a “recall column” on each page of the exercise book.

This recall column can be used for inserting keywords, phrases or key formula, or for adding additional notes to the ones written in the main column of the exercise book. It also can be used for recording thoughts and ideas on the topic.

Taking notes in class

Write clearly and legibly. All notes should be recorded in point form or in paragraphs, depending on the high school’s requirements. If the teacher has not given a preference, notes written in point form will save time.

Skip lines and always start a new topic on a new right hand page. It is good practice to leave one page in between topics in case a large number of additional notes are needed.

Actions just before class ends

Always try to review the notes before class ends to make sure that they are legible. If you do not understand anything, make sure that you ask the teacher before the teacher leaves the room.

If possible, try to compare notes with a classmate to check for accuracy and completeness before moving on to the next class.

Actions after class

Rewrite the notes if necessary. Use the recall column to write down your ideas and thoughts on the topic.

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