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How to Survive Frosh Week?

December 27, 2017
How to Survive Frosh Week?

Well, you’ve made it to university! The world of independence and excitement! So you’re a student entering your first year of studies. You’re more affectionately known as a FROSH. I’m not sure exactly where that term comes from, but nonetheless that is the label that is pinned on you.

Part of the whole Frosh experience is the ever talked about Frosh Week! This is usually held either the week before classes start, or the first week of classes. This is a fun time that allows all first year students to share something in common: being humiliated in front of the whole school! Just kidding! Actually Frosh Week is full of activities around the campus designed to get you familiar with your surroundings and also meet other Froshes.

So how do you survive Frosh Week anyway? Well…

1. Do what you want!

During Frosh Week there are a LOT of things going on around campus during the day and night. Things like team-oriented stuff you do at camp, to crazy parties at the pubs at night. Your little Frosh group is usually made up of students who are either the studying same major you are, or are at least in the same faculty. This is so the people you meet in Frosh Week are people you will hopefully see throughout the school year.

Because so many things are happening during Frosh Week, you DON’T have to do EVERYTHING. Pick and choose what you want to do. Some of the activities may be pretty extreme (like it might get your clothes just a LITTLE dirty). If you want to do it, be my guest (I did, and LOVED IT). But if you don’t, that’s ok too. Also, Frosh Week isn’t mandatory! Although I highly recommend doing things during Frosh Week, you don’t have to participate if you don’t want to. Welcome to university, the world where nobody cares what you do except yourself!

2. Don’t JUST do Frosh things

Although doing Frosh activities are great, don’t limit yourself to them. During Frosh, you should walk around the campus if you haven’t already. Most likely your schedules have already been worked out and you will know where your classes are. So make sure you know where your classes are. Also, check out the different services that are offered at your university. Find out where the gym, library, student union, book store, food places, computer labs, etc. Find out what’s free for students and what isn’t. This will be a lifesaver during the year. For the commuter students, find out what the parking fees are, and for the bussers, find out what bus you’re going to take and where it stops on campus.

3. Party Hard!

This is probably the most important thing during Frosh. It is the last biggest party of the summer before school starts. It’s so big, that even the upper year students join the party at night. There is usually a party every night of the week during Frosh. So check out the parties, drink responsibly (if you’re old enough), and just have an overall great time! You deserve it, you’ve worked so hard through high school to get to this point, you deserve a week to celebrate before hitting the grind again!

4. Ask Questions!

Everyone running Frosh has been at the university for at least one year. They are there to make sure you have a totally excellent Frosh experience! So if you have any questions about ANYTHING, just ask! You can ask them anything about classes, tuition, clubs, facilities, anything! You can usually identify Frosh leaders by the way they dress. Trust me, you don’t need an explanation from me, you can just tell who is and who isn’t.

By now hopefully you will have taken my advice and will put it to good use and ready to go in September. So remember to have lots of fun with your new and old friends, and take pictures if you like! But whatever happens, Frosh is supposed to be one of the best experiences of university life! So Enjoy!