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High School Graduate Jobs: Approaching Organizations for Jobs

July 18, 2013

High school graduate jobs – how to approach organizations for jobs ‘on spec’

If you have just graduated from high school with a diploma, congratulations. If you intend to look for a job immediately, high school graduate jobs can be hard to find as you are competing with hundreds of other high school graduates who may also be job hunting at the same time as you.

One of the best ways to secure a job is to approach an organization ‘on spec’. This means that you are approaching the organization without having first responded to any job advertisements published by the organization or by an employment or job agency on its behalf.

Approaching organizations for job vacancies

Step 1: Determining career choice

Think about your career choices, what you would like to pursue as a career, your skills and experiences and your qualifications. For more help on career choices, have a look at our articles on the following:

Write down a list of possible careers and the types of organizations you would like to work in based on your personality and career choice.

Step 2: Identifying potential employers

Look for organizations that suit the type or types you have identified in Step 1. Places to look include:

  • industry or trade directories
  • Yellow Pages or Business Pages
  • career services desk at your school
  • general search on the Internet through search engines such as Google, Bing or Yahoo
  • local newspapers

Step 3: Researching organizations

Once you have compiled your list, you need to research each organization on the list. Read up on:

  • the organization’s history
  • their products and services
  • the organization’s people and organization structure (if availale)
  • news about the organization
  • the organization’s marketing and advertising profile

Your research may be conducted through the Internet, local newspapers, organization’s website or leaflets or brochures produced or published by the organization.

Step 4: Approaching organizations

You can approach each organization on your list through the any means available to you:

  • telephone the organization
  • writing to them
  • sending an email
  • physically going to their office

Always ask for and approach the person who will most likely be your immediate boss rather than someone from the personnel or human resource department, or the CEO or managing director of the organization.

In large organizations, you may be directed by the person to speak with someone from the human resource department. In smaller companies, you may be asked to make your inquiries with someone else from the team.

Step 5: Telling the person of your interest in a job

Stand apart from the crowd by letting the person with whom you have made contact with that you are interested to work for the organization and the reasons for your interest.

At this point, you may be asked to submit a resume or to leave your contact details to be called back at a convenient time for an interview or to proceed with an immediate interview with the person.

If there are no job vacancies available at the organization at the time of contact, keep your foot at the door by asking the person to hold on to your contact details in case an opening occurs in the future.