High School Exams and Graduation Quotes for Teenagers


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High school graduation quotes for teenagers and high school exam well wishes for students

A collection original sayings, verses and graduation quotes for teenagers and students. Also includes high school exam well wishes and sentiments and quotes for teenagers pursuing further studies after high school or college graduation.

“Just to say… we are proud of you and your fantastic achievements. All your hard work has paid off.”   “Well done on making the grade! You are finally a GRADUATE.”   “You made the grade, you will go far, so here’s the keys, to your new car” – Judith Wibberley, Just the Right Words
“Congratulations! May these results give you a firm foundation on which to build a great future in life.” – Judith Wibberley, Just the Right Words   “The sky’s the limit when you are a winner. Well done!”   “You’ve always been straight As in all things important to us. Good luck with the exams.”
“Results are in and here’s to fame as you put those letters after your name. Congratulations!.” – Judith Wibberley, Just the Right Words   “Congratulations to the new graduate. Let this be the beginning of a new journey in life for you.”   “The journey’s nearly at an end and the new adventure is just beginning.”
“May good fortune find you in your exams and stay with you right to the end.”   “Best wishes for your exams. You have prepared your best and know that we are with you all the way.”   “You are our ray of sunshine, the soft snowflake on the window, we are proud of your achievements but sad to see you go.”
“Your inner strength keeps you strong, your dreams keep you burning. Good luck as you head off to college.”   “Congratulations are in order. We knew you could do it!”   “We wish you success in your future endeavors. It will not be the same without you and it is hard to say goodbye.”
“May good luck follow you always in your journeys throughout your life.”   “Glad to hear the news of your graduation. You have always done your best and are now reaping the rewards of your hard work.”   ““Our boy (girl) whom we adore has grown up and fulfilled his (her) dreams…”


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