Green Environment: Community Service Ideas for the Environment


Last updated on February 13th, 2019 at 12:21 pm

Think green!

Take part in protecting the environment. Here are some community service ideas for a green environment which are suitable for teenagers and high school students. The activities can be done as a private project or as part of your high school’s community service project.

1. Clean up trash

Any public areas around the school or neighborhood will do – clean up trash from parks, sidewalks, roads and highways near you. You will need a garbage bag, some gloves, a hat if it is a hot day and a bottle of water to carry around with you.

2. Community garden

A community garden can be a simple and small garden in a neighborhood cul-de-sac or can be a large project. If you are keen to build a community garden, be sure to check up on local or council rules as you probably need permission from the council before you are start on the project.

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3. Add some greenery

Make a project out of hanging pot plants by using recycled bottles and cans. Give them to each neighbor in your neighborhood. Perfect plants for this project are the efficient air-cleaning houseplants.

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4. Swim and clean the neighborhood creek

Great project for the summer. Have fun swimming and playing in the creek but don’t forget to spend some time cleaning it up as part of a great community service.

5. Raise and release native fishes

Another great community service idea is to raise young native fish for release into the river.

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6. Plastic bag collection

One of the easiest community service ideas for teens and high school students is to make regular plastic bag collections in their neighborhood. Collection points can be at sidewalks or in front of the local shopping mall or in any other public area.

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7. Make a clean environment presentation

Get some friends together to make a presentation on some tips for a green and clean environment. You can make the presentation in the form of a PowerPoint presentation, YouTube video, animated pictures and so on. Be creative with your presentation! Once it is done, present it as a gift to primary schools in your area to be used as part of the lesson plan.

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8. Participate in special environment clean up days

There are many special environment clean up days organized by various groups. Find out more about environment clean up days here.

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