Getting to Know You: Simple Ice Breaker Activity for Teenagers


Last updated on February 13th, 2019 at 04:38 pm

Ice breaker activities for teenagers – Getting to Know You

Main aim: Structured activity which may be used for first group meeting. Suitable for youth group camps and summer residential camps and get-togethers.

Name: Getting to Know You

Type: Ice breaker activities for teenagers

Participants: Individuals in a group

Duration: 30 minutes

Materials: Paper and pen for the organizer only


  • Make a list of 6-10 simple questions such as “who likes the color ‘red’?”, “who is wearing blue jeans?”, “who has a dollar in their pocket?” and so on. The questions need to be able to be answered only “yes” or “no” by the participants.
  • Write down in large letters on one piece of paper “YES” and on another piece of paper “NO”.
  • Stick the two pieces of paper on a wall at opposite ends of the room.


  • Gather the group around and start off with the first question.
  • Those answering “YES” will head to the wall with the “YES” piece of paper stuck on the wall and those answering “NO” will head to the wall with the “NO” piece of paper.
  • Each group should start getting to know the others in the group by taking turns speaking. Each group should exchange names, likes and dislikes, and to find out something unusual about each person.
  • Give each group about 2-3 minutes and proceed to ask the next question. As before, those answering “YES” to this next question should head to (or stay at) the wall with the “YES” piece of paper and those answering “NO” will head to the opposite wall.
  • The new group members should introduce themselves again or as an option, the ones who were already introduced during the first round can make the introductions for those they have met.
  • Proceed with as many rounds as time permits.
  • At the end of the activity, ask all participants:
    • whether they have met all others in the group; and
    • what were some surprising things they have learned from another participant.
  • Finally, ask for feedback on the activity.


The activity encourages each team member to :

  • work in a group.
  • get to know each other in an enjoyable and friendly way.
  • discover unusual hobbies, likes and dislikes about each other.

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