Designing Business Cards for Self Worth: Self Esteem Activity for Teenagers


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Designing for Self Worth ActivitySelf esteem activity for teenagers – Designing Business Cards for Self Worth

Main aim: A self esteem and confidence building activity for teenagers that also builds design and computer skills.

Name: Designing Business Cards for Self Worth

Type: Self esteem activities for teenagers

Participants: Individuals (ideal as classroom or home based activity)

Duration: 45 – 60 minutes

Preparation: None

Materials: Blank business cards for printing. Alternatively, the soft copy of the card may be printed by a printing company (e.g. online printing companies offer very reasonable prices for personal and business cards)


  • Depending on the age of the participants, explain to the participants the concept of business cards, the information contained in such cards and the purpose for which the cards are created.
  • Discuss also the importance of business cards to businesses in a digital age – that is, to showcase personality and to ensure that the business owner leave a lasting impression on others.  By analogy, carrying personal cards is a reminder to the participants that they are important and are worth the time and effort they spend on building a strong character and on developing self confidence.


  • Provide samples of business card designs to the participants. Inform the participants that they have the discretion to include as little or as much information they want on the cards. For example, participants may choose to include only their names and their general location or may include full personal details.
  • It is essential that the participants are reminded that they cannot give out their cards to anyone other than family and close friends if full details are included.
  • For the design, ask the participants to think about:
    • type of design: how the design reflects their personality e.g. cartoon design, doodle design, formal and professional design, flowery design and so on.
    • color: favourite colors or colors that reflect their personality.
    • logo: personal logo for the card.
    • slogan: the slogan for the card e.g. they may pick a famous quote or witty comeback as the slogan (check out or Quotes for Teenagers section).
  • After the design is completed, the cards should be printed out as a draft.
  • Offer each participant a chance to explain the participant’s choice of design, color, logo and slogan or tagline.

Business card design examples

Design samples may be sourced from the web. Alternatively, an enjoyable side activity for the participants would be to gather as many business cards as they can find or collect within a set period of time. For example, depending on the location, they may be able to collect cards from local shops and businesses or nearby offices.


The activity challenges the participants  in the following ways:

  • to know themselves and identify their strengths and weaknesses.
  • to create designs based on their own personalities.
  • to gain new design skills.

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