Coping With Teenage Depression


Last updated on July 8th, 2019 at 06:56 pm

Depression among teens is a growing phenomenon that is beginning to spiral out of control. Access to social media such as facebook and twitter, and many reality T.V. shows, go a long way to adding to this problem. The teenage years are very trying times for many teens. If teens can realize some of the things that cause depression, they may be better able to handle these situations when they occur.

Many teens suffer from depression because of the way they look or how they live their lives. The images portrayed on television, in magazines and on the internet give a distorted view of reality. It’s important to understand that normal, average teenagers, or people of any age, don’t look like, act like and live like what is shown in the media. Teens are given a false sense of reality about how life and people really are. If you are suffering from depression because you feel like you aren’t pretty enough, smart enough or have money, understand that you are not alone.

Other teens may suffer from depression as a result of a difficult breakup with a boyfriend or girlfriend. In this case, it’s important for teens to realize that dating has its ups and downs. Most people don’t end up marrying the people that they dated in high school. Before suffering from depression over a break up, teens need to rebuild their self confidence and tell themselves that they are very deserving of someone that will care about and respect them.

Some teens suffer from depression as a result of a divorce. The causes of parents divorcing each other is not the fault of the teen child. Even though a teen’s parents may no longer love each other, this does not mean that they do not love their children any less.

Whatever the reason for the depression a teen may go through, remember that there will always be brighter days ahead. Many adults will tell teens about the silly and insignificant things that depressed them, until they grew up and realized it wan’t a big deal.

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