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December 18, 2019

Whether it’s a classical orchestral performance, your favorite pop group or a heavy metal gig, there is nothing quite like experiencing a music artist at live music concerts.

There’s the incredible atmosphere at concerts.

concertsFirst of all, there’s the incredible atmosphere at concerts that you just don’t get when listening to music at home or in a bar. Imagine being surround by others just like you, high spirits all round and everybody there for the same reason: to enjoy and appreciate the music they love.

When you picture concerts you probably imagine a huge stadium, packed with thousands of people and being either in the thick of the mosh pit or seated so far away you can barely see the stage. Some concerts are, indeed, just like this; especially when you choose to see a hugely popular artist. However, venues for concerts vary greatly, from town halls to small, local bars. In fact, there is something about these smaller venues that make it more intimate and personal. The advantages of seeing a live band at a local bar or pubs are that you won’t have to pay a small fortune for a ticket, queue at the bar for over-priced drinks or fight for a spot just to get a glimpse at the bar. This kind of venue is likely to host live performers on a regular basis, meaning you can see a whole range of local talent.

Another fun setting to see concerts is at an outdoor venue, such as a festival. The big ones like Glastonbury and Reading and Leeds Festivals are, again, fairly expensive. However your tickets allows you to see lots of top name bands all in one weekend. Other, more inexpensive, options include more local events. Have a look on the tourist website for your local area; many parks and other community spaces often hold events for free during the summer. You’re unlikely to see any famous faces at these events but it’s a great day for chilling out in the sun and seeing a variety of performances, from spoken word to mini concerts from live music artists. All kinds of festivals have a fantastic atmosphere, especially on a sunny day.