Colors in Photographs: Fun Photography Activity for Teens


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Fun activities for teenagers – Colors in Photographs

Fun Activities for Teenagers: Colors in PhotographyMain aim: An enjoyable way for teenagers to gain a new skill – photography and to learn about colors and the environment. Can be quite a challenging activity!

Name: Colors in Photographs

Type: Fun activities for teenagers

Participants: Individuals

Duration: 2 – 2 1/2 hours or as a hobby

Preparation: None

Materials: Camera, cardboard (if printing a poster or card) and Power Point or color editor for creating the picture for the poster or card. Power Point can also be for presenting results.


  • Choose one color as the theme color. The color could change each week if taking up photography as a hobby.
  • Identify objects of the color – could be outdoors or indoor objects.
  • Take close up shots of the objects.
  • Upload the photographs into the computer and observe the different shades and hues of the same color shown.
  • Use a color editor such as Microsoft Paint or Microsoft Power Point to create a picture with the photographs using a cut and past technique. For example, create a flower display in shades of red with closed up photographs of a red blanket, red rose, red fire engine etc.
  • Print the result as a poster or make a card or publish it online.

Examples of common colors and objects

Blue: water, sky, blue pillow case, blue eyes, blue broom handle

Green: green environment bag, grass, moss, leaves, green Lego block

Orange: orange fruit, orange sunset, orange fire

Yellow: sunflower, custard, yellow leaves, yellow flower, duckling, cheddar cheese

Black: hat, black hair, t-shirt, pencil, black chair, liquorice

White: clouds, cottage cheese, rice, flour, snow


This activity challenges teens with learning a new skill  or building on past or current knowledge – using a camera and designing a picture from captured photographs.

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