Circle of Trust: Therapeutic Activity for Teenagers


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Therapeutic activities for teenagers – Circle of Trust

Main aim: Teenagers are encouraged to build trust and confidence in loved ones

Name: Circle of Trust

Type: Therapeutic activities for teenagers

Participants: Individuals in a group (around 6-8 participants). This activity is also appropriate for family therapy and counseling as part of the family support system for troubled teenagers.

Duration: 20-30 minutes

Preparation: Blindfold material

Materials: Background soothing music


  • The activity begins when the music is turned on.
  • One participant is chosen (or volunteers) to stand in the middle of the room, blindfolded.
  • The other participants form a large circle around the single participant. The participants should be spread out evenly.
  • One of the other participants then approaches the one standing in the middle and respectfully guides the participant around the circle to the next participant (taking the long route).
  • The next participant then takes over and guides the blindfolded participant around the circle to the next participant (again taking the long route).
  • Once everyone has taken a turn guiding the blindfolded participant around the circle, the activity stops and music is turned off.
  • Discuss with the participants the intention of the activity:
    • that trust is being built between the one guiding and the one being guided;
    • how trust and respect should be reflected in the participants’ own families or with their loved  ones;
    • if none exists, how trust and respect can be built up within the family;
    • what is the best way to instill such trust and respect.


The activity challenges the participants in the following ways:

  • to acknowledge that trusting someone is not easy;
  • to perform a self-analysis on themselves and their family;
  • to describe how they see their relationship with their family members and loved ones; and
  • to discover ways to build trust and respect within their family.

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