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Teenage Pregnancy: Care for the Teenage Mom and Baby

February 11, 2013

Teenage pregnancy and care

Caring for teenage pregnancy is generally the same as caring for any other higher-risk pregnancies. With good care, teenage pregnancy should progress well. The following is a summary of the care that should be taken in teenage pregnancy.

Teenage pregnancy care

1. Getting good prenatal care

An obstetrician, who is a doctor specializing in pregnancy and birth, will provide teenage pregnancy care to you in the form of prenatal care. Prenatal care includes medical care, pregnancy education, and counseling. It lasts for the duration of the pregnancy.

2. Keeping healthy

To make sure that the baby is healthy, during the teenage pregnancy, you must do the following:

  • eat healthy and well-balanced meals;
  • exercise regularly;
  • get plenty of rest;
  • take any supplements your doctor has prescribed for you especially folic acid supplements;
  • you may also take vitamin or health supplements to support your health and the pregnancy such as a multivitamin supplement. Before taking them, bring the bottles to your doctor and show the doctor the supplements you are considering taking.

3. Avoid alcohol, raw fish, etc

You should also avoid the following during the pregnancy:

  • avoid alcohol, smoking and taking illegal drugs;
  • avoid certain types of fish including:
    • shark
    • tilefish
    • king mackerel
    • swordfish
  • limit your intake of albacore tuna (not chunk tuna);
  • avoid caffeine (coffee, tea);
  • avoid sushi;
  • avoid unpasteurized milk and cheese.

4. Avoid dieting and excessive exercise

Dieting, restricting food intake and excessive exercise is not advisable during teenage pregnancy. You should take care to eat healthily and gain the correct amount of weight to make sure that the baby is healthy.

5. Attend childbirth and parenting classes

Childbirth classes teach you about childbirth and breastfeeding. There may be special classes for teenage pregnancies which you should ask your doctor about. You should also attend classes on parenting and how to take care of the baby.

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