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Bullying Comebacks for Teenagers

July 20, 2013

Short, snappy bullying comebacks

Some of the best quotes for teenagers to use against bullies sourced from the internet.

Remember that it is better to NOT react to a bully but to just ignore the person and stay calm. Use these bullying comebacks to stand up for yourself, diffuse tension and turn a potentially violent situation into a humorous one.

Getting called names like ‘slut’ or ‘nerd’

  • I know, right?
  • You work your corner, I work mine.
  • You just now figuring that out?
  • Takes one to know one!
  • I know, I learnt so much from you, thanks.
  • Hey, only my friends are allowed to use my pet name.
  • Nerd: I would prefer the term ‘intellectual bad ass’.
  • You need to be nice to nerds as you’ll probably end up working for one!

Being told that you are ‘moody’ or ‘stuck up’ or ‘pale’

  • Jealousy’s just flat, get well soon!
  • Congratulations, you noticed.
  • I know, right?
  • I’ve been trying so hard, thanks.

General bullying comeback quotes for teenagers

  • Sorry, I had to dumb it down for you.
  • Hold your nose and say ‘Gee, what have you been eating?’
  • Oh, get a life.
  • Whatever you say.
  • Sorry, I’m busy and can’t stop right now.
  • Everyone says I’m going to run into people like you for the rest of my life, gee thanks!
  • Yeah, yeah, yeah.
  • I didn’t know you could be THAT mean!
  • You’re really showing your talent to the world, keep it up.
  • That’s it?
  • Excellent, mission accomplished.
  • Sticks and stones and all that…

Other bullying comebacks

  • You just don’t get it do you?
  • Didn’t I see you in church last Sunday?
  • If I throw a stick, will you leave?
  • Oh I’m sorry, how many times did your parents drop you?