2013 Best Paying Jobs for Teenagers


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Jobs for teenagers with good pay in 2013

Looking for good jobs with good pay? Look no further! These are the list of best paying jobs for teenagers. While overall teenage unemployment has decreased from a high of 27% in 2009 (Bureau of Labor Statistics), many teens are on the lookout for good jobs for the summer.

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Top 10  jobs for teenagers were identified as having pay rates above the minimum wage by a search on the latest PayScale index. Median weekly pay for teenagers in 2013 is around $414 to $459 (Bureau of Labor Statistics).

1. Modeling – models earn around $70,000 on average a year.

2. Tutoring – private tutoring is a lucrative business and a student tutor can charge between $10 to $30 an hour for private lessons.

3. Golf caddy – caddies earn on average $16-$17 per hour and more with tips.

4. Babysitter – babysitters earn around $10-$12 on average per hour. For younger teens of around 12-15, the pay would most likely be much less – approximately $5-$10 depending on the number of children to be looked after.

5. Pet sitter – pet sitters earn around the same amount as babysitters.

6. Pharmacy associate – pharmacy associates are great first jobs for teenagers. On average, pay is around $10 an hour.

7. Non medical assistant / healthcare jobs – health care jobs are great jobs for teenagers interested in getting some experience in the healthcare industry. On average, pay for healthcare jobs is around $10 an hour.

8. Housekeeper – teenage housekeepers make around $10 an hour in hotels, resources, inns and motels.

9. Swimming instructor or certified lifeguard – swimming instructors and lifeguards can earn up to $9 or $10 an hour.

10. YMCA assistant / camp counselor –  average hourly pay is around $8 – $11 an hour. Rate varies with each YMCA location.

Other jobs for teenagers

These jobs are also available for teenagers. Pay levels are usually at minimum wage or just above minimum wage but may be more with tips.

  • Paper delivery
  • Dog walker
  • Waiter/waitress
  • Cashier
  • Retail assistant

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