Balloon Race: Outdoor Fun Team Building Activity for Teens


Last updated on February 16th, 2019 at 03:58 pm

Team Building Activities for Teenagers: Balloon RaceTeam building activities for teenagers – Balloon Race

Main aim: Allow teenagers insight into partnership communications and working processes

Name: Balloon Race

Type: Team building activities for teenagers

Players: Double players, minimum 2 teams

Duration: 20 minutes

Preparation: None

Materials: One balloon for each team (not inflated)


  • Draw a start and finish line. The space between the lines is flexible – length of a hall or a half a football field etc.
  • Each team of 2 players stands at the start line in a row.
  • Each team is given one balloon which has not been inflated.
  • As soon as the start signal is given:
    • the teams must blow up the balloon to its full size and tie a knot to keep the balloon inflated.
    • once inflated, the 2 players in a team must stand back-to-back and hold their balloon between their heads, then link their elbows together.
    • on linking their elbows with the balloon between their heads, each team must race to the finish line.
  • The winner will be the team that crosses the finish line with the balloon between the heads of the 2 players.
  • When the game ends, provide feedback and ask the participants for feedback.


The activity requires the following:

  • Partnership between two people working closely together during the activity.
  • Communication in making decisions about team roles.
  • Coordination and use of gross motor skills

The main aim of this team building activity is to provide an insight into partnership communications and working process. This activity involves more than just team cooperation and communication.

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