Interaction Talks.com is an online community news and resource site on high school and college education, careers, jobs, related news and industry outlook and more.

We publish many articles and resources on many topics from health-related articles and news and social issues to an activities directory, career planning and job search. There is a rich array of resources, including a library of inspirational quotes for teenagers and articles for aspiring writers.

Why is Interaction Talks.com unique?

Interaction Talks.com is unique because of its focus on matters that are important to our new and growing generation, their parents, carers and teachers. No other site is dedicated solely to this demographic group.

All articles on this site contain unique and original content with sources acknowledged in our Acknowledgments page.

Where did Interaction Talks.com originated from?

This site started off as a university project in 2013 as part of a Masters in Interactive Multimedia subject in combination with a suitable research topic and grew into a site full of rich and useful resources over the years.