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A to Z Jobs for Teenagers to Try Out: Ideas for Jobseekers

March 16, 2013

A to Z jobs for teenagers – job hunting at its best!

Here are some ideas as first  jobs for teenagers. For a list of:

A to Z on jobs

A Actor, Accompanist (musician), Amusement park worker, Artist (sidewalk)
B Babysitter, Ballboy (tennis), Band performer, Bicycle repairer, Birdcage maker, Blog writer, Bottled water seller at sporting events or marathons, Busker (sidewalk)
C Caddy (golf), Cans and bottles – redeemer, Camp counselor, Cashier, Cinema assistant (movies), Cleaner (general), Copywriter, Car wash assistant
D Delivery service provider, Dog poop scooper, Dog groomer, Dog walker
E Errand boy, Entrepreneur
F Farm worker, Fast food worker, Festival assistant, Film reviewer, Freelance journalist
G Game tester, Gaming instructor, Garden care assistant, Genealogy research assistant, General assistant, Grocery store assistant, Gutter cleaner, Ground care assistant
H Housekeeper (hotels, resorts), House cleaner (homes, residences), House sitter
I Ice ring assistant, Ice cream truck assistant, IMAX screen cleaner
L Language translator, Lawn mower assistant, Lemonade stand seller, Lifeguard
M Model, Mystery shopper, Musician
N Newsletter or flyer distributor, Newspaper delivery boy
O Office assistant
P Painter (houses), Painter (faces), Pet sitter, Personal shopper, Pharmacy associate, Photographer, Product tester
R Research assistant, Retail assistant, Roller skating ring worker
S Secondhand shop assistant, Senior or invalid helper, Shop assistant, Shopping mall worker, Sports instructor, Stables cleaner (horses), Swimming instructor, Swimming pool cleaner
T Trader assistant, Tutor (primary or middle school), Tutor (computers for the elderly)
V Volunteer (may earn an allowance), Viral video creator
W Waiter or waitress, Waterproofing deck assistant, Web writer, Window washer
Y Yard cleaner, YMCA counselor
Z Zookeeper assistant