A to Z Jobs for Teenagers to Try Out: Ideas for Jobseekers


Last updated on February 14th, 2019 at 12:41 pm

A to Z jobs for teenagers – job hunting at its best!

Here are some ideas as first  jobs for teenagers. For a list of:

A to Z on jobs

AActor, Accompanist (musician), Amusement park worker, Artist (sidewalk)
BBabysitter, Ballboy (tennis), Band performer, Bicycle repairer, Birdcage maker, Blog writer, Bottled water seller at sporting events or marathons, Busker (sidewalk)
CCaddy (golf), Cans and bottles – redeemer, Camp counselor, Cashier, Cinema assistant (movies), Cleaner (general), Copywriter, Car wash assistant
DDelivery service provider, Dog poop scooper, Dog groomer, Dog walker
EErrand boy, Entrepreneur
FFarm worker, Fast food worker, Festival assistant, Film reviewer, Freelance journalist
GGame tester, Gaming instructor, Garden care assistant, Genealogy research assistant, General assistant, Grocery store assistant, Gutter cleaner, Ground care assistant
HHousekeeper (hotels, resorts), House cleaner (homes, residences), House sitter
IIce ring assistant, Ice cream truck assistant, IMAX screen cleaner
LLanguage translator, Lawn mower assistant, Lemonade stand seller, Lifeguard
MModel, Mystery shopper, Musician
NNewsletter or flyer distributor, Newspaper delivery boy
OOffice assistant
PPainter (houses), Painter (faces), Pet sitter, Personal shopper, Pharmacy associate, Photographer, Product tester
RResearch assistant, Retail assistant, Roller skating ring worker
SSecondhand shop assistant, Senior or invalid helper, Shop assistant, Shopping mall worker, Sports instructor, Stables cleaner (horses), Swimming instructor, Swimming pool cleaner
TTrader assistant, Tutor (primary or middle school), Tutor (computers for the elderly)
VVolunteer (may earn an allowance), Viral video creator
WWaiter or waitress, Waterproofing deck assistant, Web writer, Window washer
YYard cleaner, YMCA counselor
ZZookeeper assistant

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