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101 More Fun Things for Teens to Do This Summer

May 28, 2019
101 More Fun Things for Teens to Do This Summer
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One of the best ways to avoid hearing, “I’m bored!” this summer, is by creating a summer bucket list. Then, whenever you hear your teen says she’s bored, refer her back to her list. Use this list as a way to gather ideas.

While some of the ideas on this list cost money, and some require parental assistance, there are also plenty of items that your teen can do on her own. Encourage her to start working on what she’s going to do to make this summer the best one yet.

Here are 101 fun things teens can do this summer:

1. Ride a horse.

2. Learn archery.

3. Jump on a water trampoline.

4. Learn to water ski.

5. Create a mini-golf course in your backyard using household objects.

6. Play kickball.

7. Attend a festival.

8. Go to a waterpark.

9. Throw your pet a party and invite guests to bring their four-legged friends.

10. Go sailing.

11. Read your parents’ favorite books from when they were your age.

12.  Make piñatas out of water balloons.

13. Learn to juggle.

14. Do a ride along with the local police.

15. Make bubbles that glow in the dark.

16. Create an obstacle course and race your friends.

17. Go to a concert.

18. Play volleyball.

19. Go to an outdoor concert.

20. Learn how to make an app.

21. Start a blog.

22. Make a bagel bird feeder.

23. Get rid of your old stuff with a garage sale.

24. Create a Facebook group for people who are fans of something similar as you – a book, TV show, sports team, etc.

25. Collect shells at the beach.

26. Make a root beer float.

27. Make fun ice cubes with something frozen in the middle – raspberries, blueberries, or even gummy worms!

28. Go Geocaching.

29. Create a digital scrapbook of your summer vacation.

30. Attend a town meeting.

31. Color in a coloring book.

32. Read a book in a hammock.

33. Go camping in your backyard.

34. Invent a new kind of smoothie.

35. Create a village for a garden gnome.

36. Make an ice cream sandwich from a waffle.

37. Wear jewelry made out of cereal. See if your friends notice.

38. Make your own soap.

39. Pick berries and make a dessert.

40. Play Frisbee tic-tac-toe. Spread a sheet on the lawn. Use duct tape to create the tic tac toe lines. Then use Frisbees marked with an X or an O as game pieces and try to toss them into position.

41. Make your own slime.

42. Plant tall sunflowers in the backyard in the shape of a circle. When they’re full-grown, you’ll have a fort in the middle.

43. Go indoor rock climbing.

44. Make rock candy.

45. Compliment at least one person over social media every day.

46. Ride on a go kart.

47. Learn a magic trick.

48. Perform a secret act of kindness.

49. Go for a walk in the rain.

50. Make s’mores over a camp fire.

51. Watch a movie that was made the year you were born.

52. Start a small business.

53. Build a birdhouse.

54. Visit three colleges.

55. Start a book club.

56. Surprise your parents by doing extra chores.

57. Make your own shirt…and wear it at least once.

58. Go canoeing.

59. Create a list of all the places in the world you’d like to visit.

60. Teach lessons to a younger kid – piano lessons, art lessons, sport lessons, etc.

61. Do something nice for an elderly neighbor.

62. Write a children’s book.

63. Participate in a fundraiser.

64. Go to a drive-in movie theater.

65. Make your own sprinkler from PVC pipe.

66. Learn how to change a tire.

67. Hold a pumpkin growing contest to see who can grow the largest pumpkin.

68. Build a treehouse.

69. Find a new recipe and cook dinner for the family.

70. Write a letter to your future self at 20, 30, or 40 years old.

71. Plan a weekend road trip and ask your parents to take you.

72. Cook hot dogs on a stick over a campfire.

73. Go to a museum.

74. Make homemade ice cream.

75. Eat a meal from a food truck.

76. Go camping.

77. Attend a car show.

78. Have a water gun fight.

79. Volunteer at a nursing home.

80. Look at the stars through a telescope.

81. Write in a journal.

82. Make art from recycled objects (cans, boxes, old magazines, etc).

83. Climb a mountain.

84. Create a family cookbook with family member’s favorite recipes

85. Take pictures of a sunrise.

86. See how far you can run without stopping.

87.  Job shadow at least three people to learn more about what they do.

88. Turn off your electronics for an entire 24 hours.

89. Make your own Slip-n-Slide. Use a roll of thick plastic sheeting. Add water and a little dish detergent to make it extra slippery.

90. Grow your own vegetables.

91. Host a hot dog eating contest. Give away prizes to the winner.

92. Make a pet rock.

93. Host an ice cream sundae party.

94. Grill fruit.

95. Build a time capsule and bury it.

96. Host a party with the theme of another country. Make the food, music, and decorations all pertain to that country.

97. Create cookie mix in a jar to give away as gifts.

98. Make crafts for your dog.

99. Ride your bike to the park for a picnic.

100. Fill water guns with a mixture of paint and water. Set out a drop cloth on the lawn and paint a canvas with your squirt gun.

101. Do outdoor yoga.